Fiona Berry (b.1996) completed a BA in Intermedia at Edinburgh college of Art (2018) and The royal drawing school’s postgraduate Drawing Year (2019). 

Berry’s work builds a fantastic, dreamlike world; one which promises an escape from the conventions and limitations of our lives, uprooting and unravelling feelings of restraint. Working across a variety of media Berry’s work is a landscape of the mind in its ephemeral and shapeshifting character. She is particularly interested in the ways symbols that surface from the unconscious commonly relate to power, ownership, gender, place and belonging. 

Outside of established religion, there is a yearning for objects endowed in meaning and for costume and setting that enables us to transcend our ordinary lives. Berry is interested in how visual representations of belief systems help one to establish the mental courage and stability to overcome and give meaning to challenges in our lives and the mysteries we can’t explain. 

Her research includes archeological objects, fantastical films, theatre costume and set, folklore, dream culture, and the natural world. There is no reference to a particular period or cultural context, yet she questions how did we get here? How did we figure out how to be the human being that we know today? And can we make real another kind of life through resourcefulness and the imagination? 

contact: fberry96@gmail.com

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